Let's do what is right for FHEVS, dismiss Mr. Domenic Paolo.

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After years of disappointing and poor district leadership, I move to dismiss Mr. Domenic Paolo. Research has shown not only are there countless back door deals but illegal noncompliance. March 26, 2018, Mr Paolo was asked to step down from his position as Superintendent of Fairport Harbor Exempted Village Schools. We have yet to hear a response. His failure to adhere to school board policy and withholding information is willful neglect and derelict of duty. For many years our district has been F rated. This systematic breakdown of FHEVS is apparent when parents speak at board meetings. They are shut down or dismissed. Our concerns are not heard or fall on deaf ears. Not only do we need to be heard on student safety but on education. Limited resources are available for children with special needs or children that need that extra help. The noncompliance regarding special education for challenged students is not only against the law but is a violation of civil rights. We, as the parents and stakeholders of FHEVS, need to stand up and hold the district leaders accountable for their actions. Or lack of.