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A letter to our politicians -- I listened very intently to the House discussions on M -103 and I must say I was disgusted. Don't get me wrong, I do believe there is a racism problem in our country BUT I do not believe all the blame lays in one place. Sure the media has caused a lot of it, but so has our own gvt. I listened to Members speaking about how the Muslim communities and the Muslims themselves are "targeted" and discrimintated against but not once did I see or hear a Member stand up and say anything about the racism and discrimination shown towards the Canadian people by the Muslim communities and the Muslims themselves. Why not? Why did no one mention the assaults by a Muslim at West Edmonton Mall? The assaults that are happening across our country that you, as a gvt. and the media try so hard to hide - why? Social media is a wealth of information as so many of you have mentioned and not all media is afraid to release the news stories. Why are you trying so hard to make the Muslims look so innocent in everything? Are their votes really that important to you that you would put the Canadian people at risk? In a few short years WE have lost our Lord's Prayer in schools and yet the Muslims demand their prayer time and rooms to do it in, in our schools. They demand pork products to be removed from our schools, and no more Halloween costumes or Merry Christmas. Do you not think this upsets the Canadian people? We are changing our beliefs, our laws, our traditions for people that we are good enough to take in and in return they demand changes to please themselves and the hell with the rest of us. That's just not right. Our gvt. and private sponsors have brought in thousands upon thousands of refugees and set them up here in a lot of cases, more comfortably than what a lot of our own Canadian people are. You provide food, money, medical, clothing and homes for these people and yet, we have Canadians living on the streets, Veterans going without and even a lot of working families trying to get by , paycheck to paycheck. Of course the Canadians are going to be angry - preferential treatment is being shown to refugees over our own people. That causes anger and upset. It's as though you're letting them come here, bring their beliefs and traditions and the hell with the Canadian peoples beliefs and traditions. After all, how many Canadians do you know that are allowed to have more than one wife here and let them all collect welfare to live on? None, that's how many. We have laws in our country and every single person that wants to live here should live under the same set of laws. No preferential treatment, no bending the rules, and certainly no breaking of our laws. Now the gvt. wants to pass a law that would pretty much make it illegal for anyone to say things that might upset the Muslims!! That's not right and you should all know that. It's almost as if the next step is Sharia Law. That's the direction we seem to be heading in and you're all sitting quietly letting it happen. If you don't want it, stand up and say so. Speak out and be heard. Let the Canadian people hear you and make the entire gvt. hear you. You want to stop the racism, the discriminatation, the mistrust and the bad feelings? Make everyone live under the same laws, rules and regulations. No one is any better than the next and our country still comes first. If people can't accept that, maybe Canada isn't the place for them?It's time you all open your eyes and see what is really happening in this country - we're slowly but surely being taken over and you're opening the gates, inviting it in and paying for it to happen. It's on your heads because you're allowing it. I get so angry when I hear politicians stand up and say " I speak for the Canadian people". I'm sorry but no you don't. You may speak for some of them but I can guarantee you do not speak for all of them. But perhaps you should speak to those you claim to speak for and really hear what they're saying. Don't just sit in the House and pretend you know, because sadly, you don't. This is Canada, please give it the respect it so richly deserves -- stand up for it, fight for it and for God's sake, do not let it be lost to those that have no respect for it.

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