Petition Closed

Ms. Grimes is assigned to represent Berks County Children and Youth Services. In her job capacity, she is entrusted with filing various petitions and attending hearings, arguing on behalf of "the agency". She is charged with the decision of when to remove children from their homes, requesting parents to undergo various services, determining which services and evaluations parents should submit to, determining when and how often parents are allowed to visit their children while in foster care, determining when and if children should be returned to their parents, petitioning the court to terminate parental rights, assisting in locating adoptive homes for foster children and assisting in the adoption process. The families of Berks County need to be assure that Ms. Grimes has no mental abnormalities as she works with the families of Berks County to assure safety of children.

Letter to
Jennifer L. Grimes, Esq. - Berks County Solicitor
Submit to a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation