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Recreational Center for Acreage Community

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The Acreage community is a growing community.  it is very disheartening to the citizens that reside within this community that we do not have a recreation center within the Acreage. Our children have to drive outside of their community to Wellington or Royal palm beach to use their recreational facilities. They are charged a nonresident fee to use the recreational centers.  Our local high school swim team has to use the Wellington or Calypso bay pool for practices and swim meets. It is full time that we in the Acreage community become self sufficient and provide these services and facilities to our residents within our community.

Recreation centers offer countless benefits to residents fortunate enough to have them in their communities. The benefits of recreation reach farther than the skills learned in a ballet class, a painting seminar or a basketball league. Recreation helps to develop self esteem, reduce stress, increase social opportunity, improve health and fitness and encourages community involvement to name a few. 

 Recreation centers unite communities. They serve as an affordable place for people to exercise, enjoy nature, and spend time with their family and friends.“They  also allow residents a common setting to congregate for recreation and exercise,”. People living in communities with a recreation center feel a stronger sense of community than those living in areas without these facilities.

The programs that could be provided by having a recreational center would improve our growing community in many ways. “The areas would be open to all who live in the area and children can play, parents can talk, and families can be active together,”  “People can encounter others with common interests. Additionally, information can be discussed and distributed about common concerns.” Having a  the Recreation Center is an ideal way to provide the residents of of our community quality recreational programs for all ages.

Recreation centers have something to offer all members of the community.  something for everyone, programs for all age groups and interests. This includes both group classes and opportunities for individuals to enjoy the resources provided by the community. Some of the programs that could be offered include classes for infants to participate in with their mothers, sports leagues for all age groups, and a variety of activities for senior citizens.  Recreation centers also provide a number of self-directed activities such as working out, climbing a rock wall, and playing basketball, after school programs or summer camp.  

  The Royal palm Beach or the Wellington Recreation Center is a great model for The Acreage Community, housing several basketball courts, tennis courts, a weight room, and a swimming pool. The programs conducted at the center include athletic clinics in the summer, swimming, basketball, and tennis lessons, and even fitness training and aerobics. These are all activities nearly every citizen can enjoy. So, if The Acreage community had a similar recreation center it would benefit the young and old alike. However, our recreation center should provide programs specifically for children and teenagers. Aside from just providing athletic and sports recreation for the youth, we should also provide them with tutoring services, a game room and a lounge were they can just "hang out."

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