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Petitioning Conservation Warden Supervisor Jennifer C. Niemeyer

Step down for gross overuse of government resources and animal cruelty

Jennifer Niemeyer signed a warrant requiring 9 SWAT Agents and 4 Deputy officers to raid an animal shelter to kill 1 baby deer. The premise of this was that no entity can house a wild animal without a state permit. However this was a far overreach of power, and a vast waste of tax payer resources. Please sign this petition to have her step down, and let a more competent individual take her place managing so many government resources. The shelter was simply caring for the animal while it was en route to a Wildlife rescue center. The Department of Natural Resources also commissioned a aerial surveillance just for one baby deer.

If government overreach , gross waste of tax payer money, and animal cruelty have any meaning to you as a person, I humbly request you sign this petition.

Demand that Jennifer Niemeyer be removed from the DNR, and demand reason in government entities that impact our everyday lives.

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  • Conservation Warden Supervisor
    Jennifer C. Niemeyer

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