Create A 'Jane The Virgin' Spin-off About Teenage Mateo

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After 5 seasons, 'Jane The Virgin' has ended. Even though it had a joyful ending, I can't help but feel like WE NEED A SPIN-OFF from this show.

Yes, there was a spin-off pilot made called 'Jane The Novela'  by Jennie Snyder Urman ( the writer of 'Jane The Virgin' ) but it didn't have all the characters you and I love so, you can't blame the CW for turning it down.

Mateo, one of the great characters in 'Jane The Virgin' and the perfect character to be the star of the spin-off, but as a 15 year old teenager who is moving to a new school and has to deal with all the questions and extra attention he would get from his family's unique story and life. You know your classic accidental artificial insemination, being kidnapped as a kid by a famous drug crime lord, having a mum who is a famous author and so much more.

Mateo also struggles with ADHD in 'Jane The Virgin' so it would be really interesting to see how he copes with that as a teenager and how other teens would treat him.

Mateo is also revealed to be the narrator for 'Jane The Virgin' and looking back at the seasons there seems to be hints about him being bisexual. Which is something this new show could explore. 

This show could be made by 'The CW', which are the creators of 'Jane The Virgin' but it could also be put on 'Netflix', which is how the UK watched 'Jane The Virgin'.  A benefit of it being on Netflix is we get so binge watch the whole season.

And of course it would still have all of our favourite characters from 'Jane The Virgin' like Jane, Rafael, Rogelio, Xiomara, Alba and Petra played by all the same actors. Teen Anna and Ellie could show up for some storylines but of course Mateo and them will have to be played by different actors.

For the narration of the show it could be done by Jane and Mateo. Normally done by Jane but when something is happening to Mateo that Jane wouldn't know about then Mateo will explain it. 

So, what do you think?

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