Remove Asim Khan from the candidate shortlist

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We, as members and supporters of the Labour Party, demand that Asim Khan is removed from the shortlist for the selection in Glasgow South West.

The Labour Party has been presented with hard evidence that Asim Khan was complicit in the sexual harassment of a female staff member during his time at the charity Roshni. In the words of a judge, he demonstrated a 'complete failure' as chair in safeguarding the rights of this victim, and he proved 'evasive' and 'untruthful' during questioning in court.

In possession of this knowledge, we believe that the Party is doing a disservice to all of its members by considering Asim Khan to be a suitable candidate to appear on an internal shortlist. We believe that our Party stands for social justice, equality, social democracy and the defence of women's rights as entailed within these principles.

We will not stand for the founding values of our Party to be undermined, and we cannot support our Party in their decision to overlook this candidate's track record.