Reinstate indefinitely suspended activist Ben Timberley to the Labour Party! #ReinstateBen

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Ben Timberley, a prominent pro-Corbyn left-wing activist and father of two from Draycott in Derbyshire joined the Labour Party in December 2015.

After applying to become a Derbyshire County Councillor candidate for Labour in August 2016, he was suspended from active membership within the Labour Party the very next month, in September 2016.

The allegations against him are unknown, his suspension indefinite in length. Find out more by reading Ben's story here on Facebook.

Is this how the Labour Party should work? Do you think that many left-wing activists should be witch hunted because they're challenging the 'chosen few'? What would Jeremy Corbyn do? What SHOULD Labour Party General Secretary Jennie Formby do?

Prove beyond doubt that Ben is guilty of abusing people within the party, or #ReinstateBen to active membership of the Labour Party. That's what they should do.

When you sign this petition, YOU are asking Jennie Formby to intervene and investigate why Ben has been unfairly suspended for nearly two years, with no opportunity to defend himself, or any way to overturn his suspension.

Stay up to date with what Ben is doing through his activism, and how things are progressing with his suspension by liking and sharing his Facebook page here.

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A quick word from Ben...

"Thank you to ALL of you for reading this, and thank you again for those of you who sign the petition. It's been hard coping with my suspension and the stigma, bullying and abuse that have come with it. Most of all, I've missed simply being able to participate in the political movement of the century in a party that I love. This petition is the only option I have left for justice. Any help or support you can offer will be gratefully received! #ReinstateBen"