Are you concerned about a 5-story apartment complex in Jenkintown?

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Recently, Borough Council has been holding hearings regarding an application submitted by Summit House Associates 2018 LLC. The property is 606-610 Summit Avenue and will be the site of a 5-story apartment complex with businesses on the first floor. Plans include knocking down multiple buildings, the Salem Baptist Church and homes, to make space for this complex on Summit Avenue, north of Cedar Street.

However, before, during and after the recent hearings there have been significant questions and concerns from residents that are not being fully addressed by our borough council representatives.  

​When multiple residents have reached out to their representatives to discuss their concerns, they are told that due to the nature of this hearing, they are unable to talk to us until after the hearings are complete and the matter is voted on. However, during last week's continued hearing, most of the borough council members did not raise these questions/concerns from their constituents. 

Resident concerns that are not addressed:

1.  What are the age restrictions of all residents of this apartments complex, including whether there is a deed restriction. Conflicting information from zoning meeting and borough council meeting by the developer (on record). If children can live in the apartments with a leaseholder who is age 62+ or 55+, how will this impact our schools? As an FYI, a majority of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects also receive subsidies from other sources such as Section 8. Roizman cannot legally discriminate against Section 8 voucher holders. The developer has never denied that his properties accepts vouchers.

2.  Why is the borough not doing their own independent studies and calling their own independent experts? Of course the developer’s experts will support the development of the property.

3.  Lack of questions by our representatives during meetings. Since we cannot ask questions and our representatives cannot talk to us about the proceedings, we feel our questions are not being addressed (unless you are one of the few to have party status.)

4.  Parking study done previously by the borough shows we have parking issues. If it is documented in previous borough studies that we have parking issues, why are giving an exception to this developer to have less parking spots than the code requires?

5.   An unsightly five story structure in the middle of town that does not match existing architecture in both style and mass.

6.   Apparently the Developer has purchased two homes that are not included in this discussion.  If the sale of those homes does not go through how will be assured that the project should be contingent on this sale to allow for additional parking?  We would be stuck with this building with only 42 parking spaces for 75 units and businesses.

As a resident, we ask you to do the following:

1.  Call for additional Due Diligence and Transparency in Jenkintown Zoning meeting by signing the petition so borough council can be aware of how the community feels.

2.  Research this for yourself and come to your own conclusion, as we all need to be aware of how this will impact our community, school, taxes, etc. ng-and-land-development-applic ations/

o  Research the developer’s (Israel Roizman) past projects. 

1.  Come to the next borough council hearing WEDNESDAY APRIL 18 7:30 PM AND STATE YOUR CONCERNS. 

If you cannot make the meeting, please write your comments and concerns and send to Deborah Sines Pancoe (Deborra Sines-Pancoe <dsinespancoe@jenkintownboro.c om) or George Locke ( and ask that they be read aloud at the hearing during public comment.

 There are videos of the past meetings on the borough website for viewing (March 21st and March 28th )

Thank you!