Ending ALEKS in CT

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 ALEKS assesses you based on topic mastery and progression in the goal system. This program is problematic because it creates a rift between each student, by allowing some students to be far more advanced than others. The biggest problem with this is that it sets some students up for SAT failure, by making it more difficult for them to learn the appropriate material in time to be successful. Some students learn better by being instructed directly from another person. Teacher help is available during class, but this is often a waste of time because often times, it takes so long to receive help, understand the material, and write down the poor explanation from the ALEKS program.  In this time there could be teacher instruction, followed by a worksheet, which can then be checked as a class. I personally have fallen behind in the program, and seen many of my fellow students, if not the majority of them, do the same. Finally, ALEKS has poorly written and vague explanations. This is something many of my fellow students agree upon, and is a huge fault in the program.