Keep Dr. Alexander Pershounin at UNI with tenure

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The ongoing search for a tenured bass professor at the University of Northern Iowa has been canceled. This leaves Dr. Alexander Pershounin with little reason to stay at UNI. In his four years here:

  • The bass studio has grown exponentially. During the 2014 - 2015 year, the school had to hire bass players to play in the top ensembles (Dr. Pershounin played in the band for a semester because this school didn't have a bass player ready to take on that role). Under Dr. Pershounin's guidance, the studio has grown not just in numbers, but in the caliber of their musicianship.
  • He has stepped in to cover many rehearsals and classes and has done so with an extraordinarily high level of preparation. 
  • He has shown a genuine and earnest interest in his students, supporting them and giving counsel on various endeavors and holding them to a higher standard than what they believe they can achieve.
  • He has represented UNI with poise and dignity at countless performances, festivals and clinics both around the country and internationally.

It is the belief of those who have signed this petition that Dr. Pershounin has earned a tenured position at this institution. We request that the search for a tenured bass professor be reopened.