Wrongfully convicted to life.

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Thomas Fort,  a young 21yr old black male moved to Ocala Fl 6yrs ago. he is a fine young man that finished high school and was taken college classes, as well as holding a job he wanted to fit in being the new kid in town making any kid/young adult wrong decision in chosen his friends.now he's spending the rest of his life in prison out of a group of 4 total , the out of towner (Thomas Fort) and only him gets  life  for a rape/kidnapping charge  that the 4 of them took part in. Thomas Fort  DNA was not even found on the victim but others were, this is a case that truly needs to be looked into and life was diffenly wrongly given to this young man that has never been in any trouble before  this is a clear case that truly needs to be over turned . I'm not saying he should not be punished for his role but a life sentence for a 21yr old young man that was locked up on this charge for two years prior to his sentence thats overly punished. This young man also had some issues from birth that was found to be issues with his brain and that I'm sure played a big role in his decision making.  So please if this message could make it to the ears of the right person/persons that can get this back in court for a review im sure it would be found this young man doesn't deserve life.