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Mr. Bezos,

Congratulations. Amazon is an exemplary corporate success. As customers of, everyday, my fellow Canadians and I enjoy the benefits of your success.

However, It has come to our attention that sells a large number of AR-15 assault rifles-related goods:

AR-15 build-from-scratch / also adapt, instruction manuals.
AR-15 spare parts.
AR-15 rifle tactical scopes.
AR-15 attachment bayonets.
AR-15 attachment tactical flashlight.
AR-15 cartridge shell catcher.
AR-15 muzzle break.
AR-15 skills and drills user manuals.
AR-15 skills and drills user DVD.
AR-15 care & maintenance DVD.
AR-15 gun cleaning kits.
AR-15 skin camouflage kits.
AR-15 Gunskins camouflage magazine kits.
AR-15 carying cases.
AR-15 magazine holder storage rack.


AR-15 decal stickers for helmets, windows, car trunks, bumpers.
AR-15 T-shirts.
AR-15 hats.
AR-15 hoodie sweatshirt.
AR-15 coffee mug.
AR-15 credit cards holder.
AR-15 sleeve pocket Mac Book Air Pro case.
AR-15 women’s yoga pants.
AR-15 knee-high sport socks.
AR-15 long soccer socks.
AR-15 knee-high leg warmers socks.
AR-15 sport pants for men.
AR-15 winter skull caps.
AR-15 velcro patch for hats & gear.
AR-15 shower curtains.
AR-15 computer mouse pad.
AR-15 brass engraved bullet pendant dog pet cremation urn.
AR-15 custom-made engraved flat tungsten black ring.

For kids:

AR-15 wooden rifle, which shoots non-lethal rubber band ammunition.
AR-15 ready-to-build plastic model kits.

In the aftermath of the recent massacre of school children in Florida, your promotion of AR-15 assault rifles-related products is not only unseemely, it is amoral. Shame on you.

As Canadians, we will not share in your shame. We demand that you take these products off the website.