Prosecute Christopher William Martin for Shooting at me with a Shot Gun

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Detective Will Willie C. Swanson has been demoted to patrolman because of this case. I am now starting a civil suit against the Jacksonville Sheriff's office and Duval county!

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Detective Will Willie C. Swanson is under investigation for swindling this case. I have attached documents from the Code of Ethics commission.

Complaint for Detective Will Willie C. Swanson in violation of due process, violation of Miranda rights, violation of civil rights.

This case has been received by the assistant state attorney Jeffery Moody in Jacksonville, Florida. Case #16af007647.

On January 7th 2016 I went to the home I used to share with my ex-girlfriend to retrieve personal belongings she agreed to give back to me. While I was sitting in my car, her new boyfriend Christopher William Martin shot at me with a black shot gun. The bullet hit the hood of my car and has now been totaled by Geico. I called 911 and made the report of the shooting. During the investigation, my vehicle was disabled. I stayed and cooperated with the police. When detective Swanson arrived, he told me specifically that this was a civil case and that there was nothing he or any of the officers could do. I was appalled. I started recording the scene and questioning the officers with my two camera phones. Detective Swanson confiscated my phones and said that they were going into evidence. Shortly after, Detective Swanson told me that I was being detained and had one of the officers place handcuffs on me. I asked why I was being detained and he said it was for the interview. I told them that I could go voluntarily to the police station and he said that it would be better if I rode in the officer’s car. My rights were not read to me. My civil rights at that point had been violated. I placed a call to my mother earlier and she arrived at the scene and witnessed me in handcuffs and was immediately confused. The officer told my mother that I was the victim and that I was going in for an interview. She didn’t understand why I was in handcuffs if I was the victim. When I arrived at the police station, I was put in an interview room for over an hour. I asked continuously if I could get my medication because I was late on taking it by a few hours and I was not feeling well. They kept denying me of being able to take my meds and I had a panic attack. They ended up hospitalizing me. While I am in the hospital they assign two guards to me. I asked the guards why I need supervision and they tell me that I was arrested. That was the first time I was informed that I had been arrested. After I was bailed out of jail, I met with Detective Swanson for an interview at my home. He informed me that it was his decision to let the shooter go free. During the interview he asked me multiple times for a DNA sample. He took out a DNA sampling kit and said that it would be easy and quick. I told him no and he replied that he would just get a judge to get a warrant to have me give my DNA. It is very clear by his actions that this whole time Detective Swanson was trying to incriminate me instead of getting the information needed to get charges for Christopher William Martin for shooting at me on January 7th 2016. It’s apparent that Detective Swanson has had an agenda to put me away from the beginning of the investigation. I spoke with A.J Chief Scott Dingee and informed him on the mishandling of the case and the interview recording where Detective Swanson asked me for my DNA. A.J Chief Scott Dingee said that he would call me back within a few days after he reviewed the recording to see if Detective Swanson did in fact ask me for my DNA. It has been over 5 months with no call back. This criminal is still free while the case is pending investigation. I have filed an internal affairs investigation report on Detective Swanson and on his superior A.J Chief Scott. I hope that some exposure will put things in the right direction. I believe my civil rights have been violated. I am Hispanic (when they booked me they booked as an African American). I hope that someone can help conduct an investigation on Detective Swanson and the officers who violated my rights.

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