Freedom to urinate in Jefferson Parish High Schools

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JPPSS lock the Public school bathrooms. These kids are having to wait on someone to come and escort them to use the bathroom. The procedure is as follows: 1)Student informs the teacher they have to use the restroom. 2) Teacher has to notify the front office that a student needs to use the restroom (who is to say the teacher makes the call right away) 3)  Front office calls operations for an escort 4) escort goes to students classroom and escorts them to the restroom. In my child's case TWICE in 1 month, no one has gone to escort her to the restroom and the 1st time it happened my child couldn't hold it and urinated on herself. This policy by far is inhumane. It is also a health risk. Holding your bladder is hazardous. It can cause UTI's, etc. These children have no freedom to urinate. They are made to also hold it for 90 minutes after lunch being that the staff refuses to take them to use it. We need a better policy, maybe bathroom and or hall monitors something has got to be better than this. I have live video feeds on my Facebook page where I have had meetings about this. No child should be subjected to this. Jefferson Parish Public Schools are worse than being in jail. At least there you have the freedom to urinate!!!! Please help sign our petition so we can get a better policy for these kids. They are children. And should not have to suffer like this. Thank you