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Petitioning Jefferson County, Colorado Schools and Buses.

Jefferson County, Colorado Schools and Buses.: Stop charging the $150.00 fee per child to ride the school bus.

Charging the $150.00 fee per child makes it near impossible for most parents to pay therefore putting the lives of children at risk to predators. Most children who rode the bus 2 years ago are now walking to and from school. In the case of Jessica Ridgeway, she chose to not ride the bus because all of her friends would now be walking since Jefferson County imposed a fee for riding. We need to keep the children safe at any cost and the school district should see that. If we can't get the fee waived, the least we can do is give the parents the option to pay it monthly during the school year. As it stands now, the fee is due at school registration. That is a huge burden on a family with just two children on top of school supplies, lunch money and perhaps a new backpack. Please Let's Get Our Kids Back on the School Bus.

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  • Jefferson County, Colorado Schools and Buses.

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