Request for the resignation of Dr. Dawn Comstock

Request for the resignation of Dr. Dawn Comstock

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Jeffco Citizen Jeffco Citizen started this petition to Departof Health Jefferson County Colorado Department of Health

 In accordance with Colorado Revised Statues, § 25-1-515, the parents of Jefferson County (Jeffco) have been aggrieved by the latest public health order, and are entitled to judicial review by filing in Jeffco district court a request to reverse or modify the public health order. However, we ask that the County Manager remove Dr. Comstock from her position as the Public Heath Director, and remove Public Health Order 21-002. This will save our county the time, and money that will be required in defending an unjustified public health order. As described in C.R.S, § 25-1-515, we parents, and our children of Jeffco have been aggrieved and affected by a decision of the board of health and its Director. As described below, Dr. Comstock’s order is:

1) Contrary to constitutional rights or privileges;
2) Unsupported by substantial evidence in view of the entire record as submitted;
3) Arbitrary or capricious.

At no point during the last County Manager meeting, within the text of Public Health Order 21-002, or the August 17 meeting of Jeffco Public Health, did the board or Dr. Comstock present hospitalization data needed to justify the mandatory mask order. Only case counts were presented. However, if case counts rise, but hospitalizations and deaths of children do not - the order is arbitrary, and unsupported by substantial evidence. In fact, according to Colorado Covid Dashboard, there are 566 hospitalized people in CO total, with just 1.8% of hospitalizations being those under 19 years old. Therefore, approximately 10 kids are currently hospitalized in all of Colorado. While sad, it does not support masking children, or infringing on our parental rights considering there over 74,000 kids under 12 here in Jeffco alone.

Jeffco Public Health has performed research on the efficacy of face coverings, but its research is limited regarding the use of masks with 2 year old children. Dr. Comstock repeatedly states in meetings that there are no studies that show mask use have a negative impact on children’s mental health, or ability to learn. However, as it has been pointed out to Dr. Comstock, and was acknowledged by the Board of Health during the August 17th meeting, such a study would be unethical, and has not been performed. It would be unethical to place masks on a 2 year old, and no masks on another - in order to study and watch for negative impacts to one child's mental health or learning ability.

Its research documented in from 2020 does not substantially suggest mask use of young children is a positive deterrent to contracting or sharing Covid-19. In fact, the evidence recorded by the County often is contradictory regarding the efficacy of mask use overall. It does not substantially suggest mask use of young children is a positive deterrent to contracting or sharing Covid-19. The public health board does not include the substantial amount of contradictory evidence into the public record.

Along the many issues described above, Dr. Comstock has repeatedly belittled, and spoken rudely in responses to concerned parents. She has lost the public trust, and exhibited disrespectful behavior that is not becoming of a Jeffco County employee. We seek her removal and cancellation of the mask mandate. Please protect our rights as parents, and avoid a costly judicial review. 

Dr. Dawn Comstock WAS NOT elected by the citizens of Jefferson County.

It is pie position that She has implemented her own personal agenda on the children in our school systems without basis of reason. She is ignoring and removing the rights of parents to make health related choices for their children. 

Dr. Comstock has started with a mandatory mask mandate and if she is able to enforce this, what’s next? She has a radical agenda that makes the masks just the beginning. We must take a stand to protect and preserve our right to make choices for our children and our bodies.

Dr. Comstock belittles parents that speak out, ignores parents concerns and has shown little no empathy for families and children. Her focus is unfolding her own agenda. Which she has only begun to do. 

We the people have not been able to have a voice for our children and Dr. Comstock is removing our rights to make choices for our children. She’s emboldened by her self appointed position and the power it has given her. We demand the resignation of Dr. Dawn Comstock immediately.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!