Rehabilitation not Euthanasia

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The shelter is putting this dog down tomorrow morning. Jefferson county animal shelter in Madison IN. Blow up their Facebook and voice mail to save his life. They wouldn't let us adopt him after paid, schedule neutering etc. Because my dog and hank kept peeing over top of eachother and "it's a sign of aggression". Bull shit! Your telling me he rolled with 5 kids ages 10-2, climbing pulling and rolling on him but the dog he met for 5 seconds wouldn't be a good sister for him because they peed over top of eachother mark. 18122731788. I offered to foster and they said no. It's adoption of euthenization for him! Their ignoring messages on Facebook but receiving my messages. #saveHank

I now have until morning before he is put down. I can help transport. Please save this big guy!

He has been saved from euthenasia. They're a NO KILL shelter trying to put down a dog. I stopped them today but they are declining adoptions left and right. They want him put down. I'll gladly send any conversations or post I've made regarding this big guy. On a local page there is over 400 comments and 100 shares with people trying to save him and the "no kill shelter" trying to kill him! Hank is a very loving boy who just needs out of this horrible "prison" of a dog shelter who claims to be a no kill shelter. I habe begged for rehabilitation for him and provided contacts and potential adopters all of whom have been denied for whatever reason they can come up with. They claim human aggression, animal aggression all of which is untrue! They're not giving him a fair chance and are set on killing him. I saved him today but they won't say for how long. Let's send this petition around the world and get this stopped!

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