Demand Loan Repayment for Private Development near Dinosaur Ridge

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We, the undersigned:

Insist that Jefferson County and the City of Lakewood obtain repayment of the $9 million taxpayer funded loan, plus interest, BEFORE approving any development of the land between McIntyre and Dinosaur Ridge.

This taxpayer loan paid for the private construction of the C-470 Interchange which significantly increased the value of the developer's land and facilitated the development of Dinosaur Ridge.

This land of historic and geologic significance is home to the Dinosaur Ridge Museum and Visitors Center, and lies in the Rooney Valley surrounded by the natural beauty of the Foothills, Dinosaur Ridge, the Dakota Hogback, Green Mountain, Bear Creek Lake, parks and open spaces.

The proposed commercial development is not compatible with and will forever negatively change the fundamental nature of the area surrounding one of the world's most famous dinosaur fossil landmarks found in the world visited by thousands of children and adults from virtually every country.   

We support development that is consistent with and will promote, protect and enhance this unique internationally recognized paleontologic and geological landmark.  This is our Grand Canyon.  It deserves the same respect and care from the development community as similar scientific and educational landmarks.  

Jefferson County and the City of Lakewood should take all necessary steps legally and administratively to secure immediate repayment of this loan of taxpayer dollars so that the money can be used to protect and promote Dinosaur Ridge instead of facilitating the destructive development of Dinosaur Ridge. No development applications should be approved for this area until immediate repayment is secured.

·        Its time to stop using taxpayer money to facilitate the destructive development of Dinosaur Ridge
·        Its time to stop enriching private developers with taxpayer funds
·        Its time for the Three Dinos to pay their own way.
·        It was a loan of taxpayer funds and the developer broke its promise to repay the loan.
·        Its time to get our money back.
·        And its time to use that taxpayer money to protect and promote Dinosaur Ridge, not destroy it.  

Thank you.