Drop Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren from CNN

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Drop Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren from CNN

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Khalas! Blitzer Oren started this petition to President of CNN Jeff Zucker, President of CNN and

As over 2000 civilians have been killed in Gaza due to the ongoing "escalation" and Israeli bombardment of Gaza, it is high time that we demanded greater objectivity from our news media about a conflict that affects the lives of innocent people in Palestine, Israel, the United States, and the world. 

Therefore, we the signatories of this petition call upon CNN to sever its ties with Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren.

We condemn the irresponsible bias and conspiracism that CNN correspondent and former AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer, and CNN contributor and former Israeli military spokesperson Michael Oren, have promoted from their respective platforms at CNN.

As individuals with clear conflicts of interest, Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren have used their platforms at CNN to mislead viewers about important issues in the Middle East, and issue dehumanizing and degrading statements about Palestinians -- such as suggesting potential war crimes against Palestinians were "staged" -- even when caught on camera by other CNN journalists!

Our petition was specifically inspired in the aftermath of irresponsible reporting by Blitzer and Oren following the CNN-recorded killing of two unarmed Palestinian teenagers, Nadeem Nawara and Mohamed Daher by Israeli soldiers in the occupied Palestinian West Bank in May 2014. Rather than respecting the reporting of their own colleagues, Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren used their positions at CNN to suggest that the videotaped killings may not have even taken place.

This is in addition to years of lies, distorted reporting, and dishonesty on the part of both individuals, documented here: www.stopblitzer.org

We call on Jeff Zucker and CNN to:

- respect the dignified reporting of its own field journalists which have been undermined by Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren;

- to respect societies living under military occupation rather than degrading them or whitewashing their suffering with distorted reporting;

- and to respect its viewers by striving for neutral coverage of a topic of utmost  importance,

by severing all ties with Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren once and for all. Khalas!

Our petition is inspired by the grassroots campaign of US-based Latino and migrant activists which successfully demanded CNN cut ties with conspiracy theorist Lou Dobbs, who used his former platform at CNN to spread misleading and degrading propaganda about migrants and Latinos in the United States.

CNN made the responsible decision to cut its ties with Lou Dobbs. We believe it is time for CNN to make the same responsible decision to cut ties with Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren, as an effort to regain its credibility as “the most trusted name in news”.

We also stand firm in our commitment to justice for the Palestinian people, including Palestinian victims of war and violence who have been callously insulted by Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren.

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This petition had 269 supporters