Stop the Kids’ PRESTO Card Cash-Grab

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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario: 
WHEREAS it costs $16 to get a child’s PRESTO card; and 
WHEREAS parents with more than one child have to pay this fee for each of their children; and 
WHEREAS riding public transit in Toronto is supposed to be free for children 12 and younger; and 
WHEREAS the CBC reported in September 2018 that “Metrolinx says it will work with the TTC to change rules to allow kids to get Presto cards without needing to pay for them.”; and 
WHEREAS families can’t afford to pay $16, $32, $48, $64 or more so their kids can take the bus, subway, or streetcar to school; 

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: 

  • That the Minister of Transporation direct Metrolinx to immediately end the $6 fee and $10 mimimum balance requirement for children’s PRESTO cards.
  • That the Minister ensure refunds are issued to all parents who paid the $16 no later than the end of June 2019.