Miami Meadows should have a skatepark

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Miami Township has recently decided to tear down Miami Meadows Skate park, because of the maintenance costs, and safety issues due to the park's old age. This petition is in place to show Miami Township Officials, that residents would like to have a skate park.

Skate Parks are an important part of a community. They help to bond the younger generations together. People go their to better themselves as a person, mentally and physically. Children learn to respect others, take turns, what hard work is, how to compliment others, & most importantly they learn to get back up and keep trying till they achieve what they set out to do!

I've been going to Miami Meadows almost every day, for over two years now. I have had some of my best conversations there, met some pretty strange, funny, and awesome people! My favorite part though is getting to help the kids learn new tricks, seeing them drop into a ramp for their first time, or landing a backflip, its such a great thing! I love being a good role model for the youth, and making a positive impact on their lives.

I truly believe that building and maintaining Skate parks benefit the community massively.