Jeff Weiner please add a #mensrights hashtag to LinkedIn

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Mr. Weiner,

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and as someone who has previously spoken about the importance of your father in your own life, I am sure you must be able to see the tragedy of a father who is alienated from his children after divorce.

Many of these men spend a large part of their lives fighting for a right to see their children, and sadly many of them also take their own lives after failing to win the right to continue to see their children in a family court system that features many anti male biases, including incentives for the mother to falsely accuse the father of domestic violence and sexual assault of the children.

In one well know family court case in Australia, a belligerent mother consistently refused to follow court orders to allow the father to see his daughter, resulting in the court forbidding the father from seeing his daughter until she is 18. The mother's behavior, and the child's best interests in not continuing court action were the only considerations in this decision.

Contrary to the claims of feminists, that feminism fights for equal rights, feminism constantly fights against the rights of fathers to have joint custody of their children in divorce.

In an effort to shut down any men's rights movement, feminists have also argued that men's rights is based on hate, using extreme examples, which in fairness can also be seen within feminism.

If one was to apply the same standards to feminism, that were applied to the Men's Rights Movement ("MRM"), then feminism would also have to be seen as a hate group.

It is not unusual for those who are fighting for their rights, and the rights of others, to be falsely accused and vilified; in fact, it is to be expected.

It might surprise you to know, that a significant number of men's rights activists are women; women who have abandoned feminism due to its regular vilification of men, and its failure to fight for equal rights for men.

The unfair way men are treated by the family courts is just one of many forms of discrimination men still experience; men are genitally mutilated, men are forced to register for the draft, and men are explicitly denied access to assistance when they are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault (although the CDC report men are 40% of domestic violence victims in the US, only 1 out of 2,000 domestic violence shelters take men, and that includes gay men being assaulted by their male partners).

Men are also 2 times more likely to be arrested, 2 times more likely of being convicted when accused of a crime, and receive 63% more prison time than a woman when committing the exact same crime. This is particularly problematic for black men in America, who are significantly overrepresented in America's 2.2 million inmate prison system.

All men ask for is equality; feminism is not representing the rights of men, and where there is a conflict between the rights of men and women, feminists usually work against equitable outcomes; this has nothing to do with male supremacy.

Currently, #mensrights is not a hashtag that is supported on your platform and we ask you to personally intervene to change this. 

We are not asking you to make any judgments on the behavior of feminists, or the virtues of feminism, we are simply asking for the separate movement of men's rights to be treated equitably on your platform.

In fact, if feminists claim to represent the rights of men, then one would think feminists would be very supportive of the addition of a men's rights hashtag; which need not even be associated with the MRM at all.

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