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Special Prosecutor For Hillary Clinton

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The hypocrisy of the left's assault on President Trump in an act of political schizophrenia in demanding and obtaining the appointment of an Independent Council in their false Russian narrative while Hillary Clinton's crimes go unnoticed by the Judicial System is unacceptable to any nation that purports to adhere to the rule of law. 

Therefore, this petition calls upon President Donald J. Trump to call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton for the following crimes:

1.  Selling off American owned Uranium to the Russian government while laundering the proceeds of the sale through the Clinton Foundation.

2.  Embezzled money from the Clinton Foundation and utilized the money in order to pay for her daughter's wedding as proven by Wikileaks.

3.  Engaged in trading favors with foreign governments in exchange for donations, which were then laundered through the Clinton foundation, as proven by Wikileaks.

4.  Illegally mishandled classified information by placing it on a home brewed server in her house in order to manipulate the narrative of her tenure of her time as Secretary of State, thereby also attempting to defraud the electorate, violate national security laws, and records retention laws at the State Department.

5.  Raised money for the Haitian people through the Clinton Foundation under the pretense of disaster relief, and yet, like most money that flowed through the Clinton Foundation, it cannot be accounted for.

6.  Hillary Clinton and her husband took repeated trips on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's plane dubbed by Epstein as the Lolita Express, and visited Epstein's private island, which begs the question whether or not Hillary Clinton is the moral equivalent of Jerry or Dottie Sandusky?

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