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On behalf of the 2.6 million San Francisco Bay Area Water Users we Californians, are petitioning Attorney General William Barr and the FBI Terrorism Task Force San Francisco Offices investigate Capital One’s toxic landfill purchased with the $3.56 billion taxpayers “TARP bailout freebie” located in the County of San Mateo at 1589 Higgins Canyon Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.

Renown Silicon Valley venture capitalist Mike Farmwald “secretly purchased” Capital One’s toxic lead-contaminated landfill on September 13, 2018, violating the Environmental Restrictions by NOT giving Written Notice of the Presence of Hazardous Substances and Not Incorporating Leases into Mike Farmwald’s 1589 Higgins Canyon Road, LLC deed. (See paragraphs 1, 2, 3 & 4).

Both Capital One and Mike Farmwald's 1589 Higgins Canyon LLC purchased their Johnston Ranch property knowing that the Oscar and Andrea Braun Trust had recorded the property CCR's on their deed revealing the Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation's fifty year farm lease and Environmental Restriction covenants (contracts). On April 1st, 2014 Capital One and the Braun's Family Trust signed under oath in consideration of the mutual covenants Settlement Agreement and Mutual Releases.

The Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation, the Covenantee for the 1589 Higgins Canyon LLC registered NPDES Landfill will not enter into a Stipulation For Judgment for Possession in Favor and (Proposed) Judgment to Plaintiffs. The Foundation’s Executive Director Hans Reinisch (QISP ToR #000168) notified Capital One in March 2014 that the terms of 1589 Higgins Canyon Environmental Restriction covenant (see paragraph 1 & 2 ) requires “all” buyers to be in compliance with the 2014 Industrial Storm Water Permit which would clean up their “lead-contaminated” landfill properties.

Mike Farmwald's 1589 Higgins Canyon LLC Corp will be assessed “Penalties” for noncompliance which are currently set at $37,500 per day for each day Mike Farmwald does not have an NEC or an active stormwater monitoring plan in place. Mr. Farmwald's $37,500 per day penalties started on the day that he purchased the registered NPDES landfill September 13, 2018.  We The People, have the “unalienable right to safe drinking water”.

We Californians are asking Attorney General William Barr, and the FBI Terrorism Task Force, please honor your oath of office and protect our precious San Francisco Peninsula drinking water for habitat for humanity.


The Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation dba California Watershed Posse filed a Public Nuisance complaint naming Capital One Financial and Chairman CEO Richard D. Fairbank more than fourteen months ago with the San Mateo County Environmental Health Deputy Director Sandra Estrin. The Foundation's Executive Director Hans Reinisch and Co-Founder / President Oscar Braun met with Deputy Director Sandra Estrin and Deputy D.A. Crystal Chau for an hour and fifteen minutes on Wednesday, November 15th 2017. The Health Deputy Director informed us that they would NOT authorize the Foundation's Public Nuisance complaint to be filed in the "sanctuary" County of San Mateo at this time.

The Foundation responded that they would then have no choice but to update their  Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act aka RICO referral to Attorney General William Barr office due to the fact that "lead contamination" has been found in the soil boring conducted at the Johnston Ranch by Lumina Technologies.  Attorney General Barr, please consider this petition as our Capital One / Michael Farmwald Toxic Landfill RICO 2003 Referral Update for November 7, 2018. The Foundation requested at the end of their meeting that the Deputy Environmental Health Director provide the Foundation a written explanation as to why our Public Nuisance claim is NOT actionable and by what authority can the sanctuary County of San Mateo decide not to enforce Federal environmental laws and obstruct "Private Sector Environmental Restrictions Covenants". The Foundation is asking our children in San Mateo County to educate their parents, school teachers and the San Mateo County Environmental Health Department about Water...the Single Essential Building Block of Life

Our California Watershed Posse is encouraging all citizens and the stockholders of Capital One Financial and especially the fifty million (50,000,000) Capital One credit card holders to demand that Capital One Bank and Mike Farmwald's Atherton Fibers put their money where their “environmental sustainability” marketing propaganda is! Capital One Financial Corporation founder Richard Fairbank proclaims that “It’s not what’s in your wallet, but in your heart that makes you a successful leader”. Mr. Fairbank's sob story speech declares that “nobody wants to work for a phony!"   Let us not forget the famous quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln about deception; “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

The California Watershed Posse also publishes SOB Stories.  Mr.Fairbank, are tears the solution to all our water problems? Maybe!… Here we have written and collected together SOB Stories that affect us all as human beings. Sometimes tragic and heartfelt, sometimes just sad, embarrassing or pathetic. Here we share the lighter and heavier sides of everything that is going wrong and upside down in our world, from the clearly hidden to the blindly obvious. Get out your handkerchief, read up, wake up and help us make our world a better place… one teardrop at a time.

Mr. Fairbank and Mr. Farmwald, please check out the La Entrada Posse the SOB Story that inspired Oscar and Keith to update our WFFPAC campaign website. Eric is Oscar and Andy’s Godson/Nephew who was selected with two other graduating eighth graders on a beautiful day in May 2016 to give their farewell graduation speeches of gratitude to their families and La Entrada School, Menlo Park CA. Aunt Andy and Uncle Oscar had no idea that Eric was giving a speech…. but my ever quick reacting bride captured every moment on her cell phone that we’ll always treasure. The entire La Entrada Middle School graduation Class of 2016 showed the world how the content of their “character” will provide the leadership that will “make America great again.” God Bless America!


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