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Restore federal protections for transgender students.

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A transgender child's gender identity is exactly that.  Their identity.  It is cruel and humiliating to force a child who feels deeply inside that they are a boy, or a girl, to use a school bathroom of the opposite gender.  Most people probably know a transgender child.  Most people probably don't know that they know a transgender child, because in many cases you simply can't tell the difference . Next time you go to your local elementary school, look around and choose one child (because statistically there's a very good chance that your school has at least one transgender child whether you know it or not; see Now imagine telling that child, in front of his or her friends, that because of one letter printed on their birth certificate, they are 'different' from all the other kids and have to use the 'other' bathroom.  Imagine telling that little girl that she has to use the boys bathroom everyday.  Imagine telling that little boy that he has to use the girl's bathroom everyday.  Imagine the humiliation.  Imagine the bullying.  Imagine the pain.

We MUST maintain federal protections for transgender children in our schools. Please restore the rescinded protections immediately.

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