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Demand CNN and New York Times Be Investigated For Attempting Coup of President Trump

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America is bearing witness to the most blatant attempt at a coup d' etat in the history of U.S. politics. Liberal Democrats , coupled with Establishment Politicians within the Republican Party, have banded together to attack our rightfully elected President in an attempt to remove him from office and replace him with one of their own.

They are doing this with the help of Left Wing Media Outlets whom they are partnered with. We know for a fact via , e-mails released by Wikileaks, that members of CNN and other news outlets worked hand in hand with the DNC and the Clinton Campaign during the 2016 Primaries and again in the General Election an an attempt to win Hillary Clinton the election. We know this for a fact. Why has the FEC that monitors Elections and the FCC, that monitors T.V. Broadcasts, not stepped in to investigate what happened? Because both organizations are controlled by Liberals.

We know for a fact that CNN, New York Times and many other Left Leaning news outlets have been blatantly reporting Fake News stories to sway public opinion and galvanize the Democratic Base against President Trump and the new administration.  Taking a kernel of truth and spinning and entirely new story that didn't exist or just outright making up news and claiming its from unnamed sources. By doing so they have, in essence, radicalized millions of Americans into committing acts of violence, hate crimes and now engaging in acts of espionage from within our very government. 

It must stop now. We are calling on new Attorney General Jeff Sessions to order investigations into Democrat Politicians, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, CNN  and The New York start with...and put a stop to this attack on the very foundations of our democracy. We are not a Banana Republic or a Leftist Regime. The people inside our government who are engaging in these acts of espionage against the administration are not guerrilla freedom fighters or some romanticized resistance movement. They are criminals breaking the law.

It's time to hold ALL of them accountable.   

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