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Charging the mayor of New Orleans with federal crimes.

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Recently there has been a attack on monuments dedicated to Confederate soldiers and Generals. Recently in New Orleans the mayor Mitch Landrieu has broken the city of New Orleans by removing monuments of US Veterans. Yes, they fought in the Confederacy but they were Americans before, during and after the Civil War. Landrieu, is a form of what the Nazis, what ISIS has done around the world. Instead of taking down these monuments of our country's history, we should learn from them, so the same mistakes aren't repeated. Landrieu has used the following to break the law.

Tax payers money for monument removal

NOFD and NOPD personnel for the removal and destruction of the monuments 

Lied in front of a judge, stating that once the monuments were removed, they would be placed in a safe, secure and enclosed city warehouse. The Beauregard statue and parts of the Jeff Davis monument are outside next to a garbage pile. 


This is how we treat our history? We erase it and throw it away like trash. 


I am calling for a look into the corruption of Mitch, the NOPD and NOFD. The return or proper/suitable relocation of the monuments that have already been taking down and a bill that states NO military monument can be moved, regardless of a small group's feelings towards it. You 3 say you are for America and the American people. Well the American people want our history protected. We want it respected and we want DC to work for us. Your voters, supporters and everyone else who loves our country, our country's rich history to do this for us. 

Personally, I had 14 ancestors that fought for the Confederacy. Not one owned a slave. These men, these generals are all Americans and according to our government are US veterans. What Mitch did was take down US veteran memorials for his own political gain and to make a small group of people happy. Also HB-71 in Louisiana is gaining ground so he is taking these monuments down before and if that bill passes. I ask out government to make a bill not allowing mayor's or states to take any monument down unless voted by the people of that state and to be honest. The majority wants them to stay up. This is our history gentlemen and it should be respected and protected. 

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