Ending Climate Change

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In past years the United States has emitted over 15,000,000,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, affecting the ecosystem and the lives of animals and plants. (https://www.epa.gov Limiting our fossil fuel emissions is key to having a world without climate change.

Climate Change in the past has killed off millions of species.  With our climate heating up again, it’s likely it will happen again.  Some of the animals struggling in the new climate is the snowshoe hare and the puffin.  The snowshoe hare is accustomed to areas with snow. Now with less snow because of the warmer temperatures they’re easier for predators to find.  Another example is the puffin. it likes to eat white hake and harring; now that the ocean water is getting warmer, the fish have migrated to deeper water.  With the fish being too far away for the bird to fly, the puffin has manages to eat butterfish. The fish is too big for their young and it’s limiting birth and chick survival rates. (https://www.doi.gov It might seem like so what? A couple of species that aren’t doing so good.  Well, each species is a part of an ecosystem and the environment around them. Without them even more species could get extinct making it worse.

Animals aren’t the only ones who are feeling the impacts of climate change though.  Because of the increase of temperature, natural disasters are becoming more deadly. A person who has been feeling the effects is Jenny Dell.  Jenny, who lives in the Philippines, has been impacted by typhoons. Since the storms have been getting worse there, she has lost 11 members of her family, and is hoping for survival. (https://catholicclimatemovement.global  Richard Sandison is an emergency response manager at Plan International Philippines and is helping to inform people of typhoons.  By informing people on how to react before and during a typhoon, he has helped save lives in the Philippines. https://www.theguardian.com

To end climate change we must end our fossil fuel emissions, use less electricity, use biofuels, and find greener ways to get electricity.  Instead of giving people a scholarship, or a nice field trip just to save money, we can use the money limit greenhouse gas emissions. (https://www.publicagenda.org  Also, instead of buying off new inventions to save our companies and keep making money, we can make the inventions available to others to help end climate change. Instead of money first, we need to save the Climate first.  Once we limit our greenhouse gas emissions, then there won’t be as much risk for our future generations and the gases in the atmosphere slowly decrease. (http://www.iflscience.com 

Even though limiting the fossil fuel emissions that go into the air may require money, it’s still necessary to end the climate from rising and alter the reputation of your company. Once we limit fossil fuel emissions, the climate will eventually be able to return to normal, and lives will be saved.

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