MicroGrids South Africa, Call for Deregulation of Electricity Supply

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Philip Copeman
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The supply of electricity in South Africa is in chaos. We run on a hundred-year-old model designed around a state monopoly where its primary objective was to keep the supply of electricity under the power of a ruling minority. 

Economies that run off a free system of energy are equipped to handle the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our current monopoly strangles GDP, runs at a financial loss, abuses current account purchases. ,

This multi-party petition requests the Miniter of Energy, The President and The Financial Executive to deregulate the micropropagation of electricity. In particular to grant every adult South African the right to make and sell electricity to her neighbors.

My name is Philip Copeman, I am the Project Leader of TurboCASH Accounting, the worlds leading open source accounting software for SMEs.  I have great confidence that up to one million SMEs will be able to profitably supply twenty million customers with a self-sustaining, self-financing service. They will be able to report all transactions, profitability and report all taxation owing. I make TurboCASH 4 free and open source and available to handle this task.

I am asking you to join this petition.