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Make Survivor Great Again

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For years, the loyal fan base has had a direct influence on the show. We sit season through season, the good years and the bad, trusting the producers' ability to create a great Television show. We've endured twists that haven't worked, Redemption Island and Super Idols, to name a few. We watched them later evolve into better iterations, Blood vs. Water and Hidden Immunity Idols.

Survivor has always had a beautiful and trusting relationship with its fans. It listens to its audience and that is why it has stayed on air for 17 years. The fans, in turn, trust producers to listen to their audience. We know that the show must take risks to move forward, but in the end, it will do the right thing and course correct or tweak ideas to perfection. 

The latest twist has turned off casual, seasoned and life-long fans alike. We are, of course, referring to the Final 4 twist, in which the players are virtually out of control and the Final 3 is left up to a fire-making challenge. We believe it has broken the fundamental concept of the show, and leaves the world that the Survivors have built completely up to chance.

Furthermore, the constant advantages and idol re-hiding has become overkill. It takes away from that special moment when an idol is played. It has diminished the impact. 

We are calling on Producers and decision makers to reconsider the final 4 twist and to show constraint on the amount of advantages and idols that are put into play. We trust that our loyal viewership and our direct relationship with Survivor will have an influence going forward. 

While we understand that Season 36 is under wraps and the final 4 twist will return, we implore the producers to reconsider it going forward. If the creative for Season 37 and 38 is not finalized, please hear your fans.

With love,

Your loyal audience.

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