End Edge of Extinction

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We are about to watch 20 of the greatest winners in the show's history face off to see who will be the sole survivor. 17 of these winners will be voted out. Due to the presence of EoE, most of these eliminations will be diluted because of the slim chance that our favourites get back in the game. When Joe was voted out of Survivor EoE, I didn't feel a thing, I just assumed he would get back in and when he didn't it was too late to care because I also had to deal with my feelings of the other 15 (or so) people that were all sent to the jury at the same time. This season, when Parvati, Natalie or Rob, Sandra, etc. get voted out I want to be devastated, I want to be heartbroken, I don't want there to be a silver lining, that's not the show I've come to know and love.

Do we honestly think that players like Danni, Sophie or Michele, who didn't get big edits in their original seasons won't be purple in a season with other legends, especially when the regular game has to share the airtime with EoE.

We need to send a message to Jeff and the other producers that we do not want to see the edge of extinction come back for another season. We are doing this because of how much we love this show and think that Survivor should just trust their casts!