Support the effectiveness of Addiction Peer Services

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Donald Trump has recently appointed Dr. Ellie McCance Katz to serve as the Mental Health Czar of SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, the federal agency that oversees behavioral health care in America. 

SAMHSA has been extremely supportive of "Peer-Services" for both Addiction and Mental Health and Dr. Katz has been openly anti-peer in her statements in the past. 

This petition is to gain support on the effectiveness of Addiction Peer Services from the perspective of those having received, currently receiving, or those currently giving addiction peer services and people who support the addiction peer model. 

We are urging our Oregon Senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, to do the following in Dr. Katz's senate confirmation hearing 1) tell Dr. Katz that there are addiction peer recovery consumers and providers in Oregon who support and legitimize the effectiveness of addiciton peer services 2) encourage Wyden and Merkley to ask if Dr. Katz is in support of Addiction Peer services or does she plan to cut that focus from SAMHSA if appointed 3) remind Wyden and Merkley that MAAPP's, the Metro Area Association of Addiction Peer Professionals, sent them both a letter that justifies the effectiveness of Addiction Peer Service with peer-reviewed studies. 

Our fear is if Dr. Katz becomes the Mental Health Czar, she may cut the focus of addiction peer services. 

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