Oregon Against Cell Tower Madness

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People are dying of brain tumors and in many cases the cause is cell phones. Cell phone towers are being installed with no environmental impact studies. FCC is dominated by the telecom industry and allows for this unchecked expansion while scientists, doctors and the public are sounding the alarm against these installations. Worse yet, these cell towers are being constructed around schools where children are the most vulnerable to the negative impacts of unchecked wireless radiation. Legislators need to push back against the rampant and irresponsible installation and propagation of these microwave radiating devices.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996, 704(a) iv, prevents states, local governments, planning officials and communities from choosing to reject proposed cell towers for environmental (including health) reasons. The standard of emissions set by the FCC is informed by studies conducted by organizations with close links to the telecommunications industry, is based on outdated technology, and ignores independent peer-reviewed studies linking cancer, tumors, and other diseases, worldwide, to existing radio-frequency (RF) radiation. Hundreds of independent scientists have demanded a moratorium on new cell phone technology (5G) until safety issues are resolved for people and the environment.

Until cell-tower RF radiation is proven to be safe, We, the People of Oregon, ask that you commit to work and collaborate with fellow law-makers at the Federal level to: (1) ensure that FCC regulations reflect the current level of technology and its risks; and (2) ensure that states, local government, and communities have the right to make their own decisions regarding telecommunications that serve the health and environmental interests of the people, not the interests of the telecommunications industry.