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Create/confirm a trans Overwatch hero

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Blizzard's Overwatch is the gold standard of representation in the modern gaming industry. The amount of diversity and inclusion is practically unprecedented. The game has included playable characters from all over the world. These characters come from all walks of life including Tracer, a lesbian; Symmetra, an Indian woman with autism; Zarya, a female body builder; and many other groundbreaking heroes and villains. Signing this petition will help to let Blizzard know that many people would like to see the transgender community represented in this game. 

The reason why Blizzard includes so much diversity is that they say people should get to identify with their favorite characters. As a trans woman, I identify very strongly with D.VA, as I admire her use of traditional femininity almost as a source of power, along with the fact that her color scheme is that of the trans pride flag and she comes from a country known for its trans vocal feminization surgeries. I know many other trans people see themselves in other characters such as Junkrat, Pharah, and many others. 

What this petition is asking is that Blizzard make these visions a reality, and either canonically confirm a character as part of the trans community, or create a character with that in mind. 


EDIT 1: To clarify, I would like to amend that this is not intended to force Blizzard to do anything. I created this petition to show to Blizzard that tons of trans people loves their work, and that many of us support the idea of trans representation in this beautifully diverse universe. 

EDIT 2: To all supporters, please share! Also, if you want to put who you identify with in this franchise in the comments, that would be awesome to see!

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