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Make Kenergy Corp. Accountable -- We want an OPT OUT OPTION

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Concerned Kenergy Corp. Members are joining forces because of the unusually  high spikes in the kWh usage readings, which began once the newly installed Digital GridStream RF meters, aka AMI, aka Smart Meters were switched to automated reading and communicating. We will NOT accept the reasons/excuses OUR co-op Corporate management, board of directors and customer service reps continually repeat in response to our demands for a reasonable explanation, AKA "THE TRUTH".  We hold Kenergy Corp. CEO, management and board of directors accountable for concealment of the truth and making decisions not in good faith on behalf of their stakeholders. Thousands of  Kenergy Corp. Members have called the Public Service Commission office, which is designed to protect the consumer . THE PSC has chosen to ignore all the complaints using the same excuses that have been voiced by Kenergy Corp.

With this petition, we are putting on notice, Kenergy Corp to allow members the option to OPT-OUT.  To address and correct the unusual kWh usage that has occurred since the automated readings have been put in place.  We also hold Kenergy Corp. responsible for the putting its members that reside in all Ten (10) Districts, in financial distress. Kenergy Corp. members do not have an option  to OPT out or to choose another electric utility provider.  Kenergy Corp. is taking full advantage of this fact.

We also are putting the Public Service Commission on notice that NOT HAVING AN OPT OUT OPTION is an irresponsible move on Kenergy Corp.'s CEO, management and board of directors part, which affects our COMMUNITY as a whole.

Respectfully -- Concerned Kenergy Corp. Members/Customers

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