School Zone Caution Lights needed at Prospect Elementary Seymour, TN.

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Prospect Elementary School is located at 1535 Burnett Station Rd, Seymour, TN. There are no caution lights alerting drivers that they have entered into a School Zone when school is in session.
Parents have witnessed and have almost been involved in vehicle accidents while trying to take their children to school or going to pick them up. It is dangerous as motorists without students exceed speed limits and push parents out of the way.
Multiple calls to the Blount County Highway Department have been unsuccessful in having caution lights placed in the school zone. In addition to this parents have been advised it is not in the plans for the future. We would like to have these lights placed to prevent accidents and possible loss of life due to failure to slow down in the school zone.
We just want to be able to keep our families safe taking and picking up our children at school.

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