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Hello everyone, 

My favorite author Jeff Foster has not been feeling well. He is currently battling Lyme Disease and POTS and is experiencing excruciating symptoms. Not too long ago I have come to extremely love his work. I first found out about him in a Youtube video where Jim Carrey was talking about him. His teachings are so uplifting and inspiring! They have brought me new perspectives on subjects that I have never really come across anywhere else. 

When people are sick, encouraging comments of support can really help them to get through their illness. Please leave a positive comment of support here for Jeff! I am sure that Jeff will appreciate it remarkably! He has given us so much and now it is our turn to return the favour! (Update: Jeff has seen the petition and is beyond touched with all the support-donations, signatures and messages of support!)

If you would like to help out Jeff directly, you can donate to Jeff via his GoFundMe fundraiser here which was created by someone who knows him He needs £90,000 total right now for his medical expenses.

You can donate to Jeff via his PayPal here-

Please click this link here to see some of Jeff’s recent newsletters

Also, recently, Jeff has been posting on his Facebook page some additional health updates. One of them being about how he has been on the edge of suicide a few times because of his extremely intense symptoms. If you are not already familiar with his Facebook page it can be found here:

Let’s help Jeff get all the money he needs for his medical expenses. Please help to spread the word as much as you can! I cannot do this alone!


Thank you tremendously

Catherine Butera