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Healing Holbrook

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Downwinders refers to the individuals and communities in the intermountain area between the Cascade and Rocky Mountain ranges primarily in Arizona, Nevada and Utah but also in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho who are exposed to radioactive contamination or nuclear fallout from atmospheric or underground nuclear weapons testing, and nuclear accidents.

More generally, the term can also include those communities and individuals who are exposed to ionizing radiation and other ...emissions due to the regular production and maintenance of coal ash, radionuclides associated with hydraulic fracturing, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, nuclear waste and geothermal energy.In regions near U.S. nuclear sites, downwinders may be exposed to releases of radioactive materials into the environment that contaminate their groundwater systems, food chains, and the air they breathe. Some downwinders may have suffered acute exposure due to their involvement in uranium mining and nuclear experimentation.

Several severe adverse health effects, such as an increased incidence of cancers, thyroid diseases, CNS neoplasms, and possibly female reproductive cancers that could lead to congenital malformations have been observed in "downwind" communities exposed to nuclear fallout and radioactive contamination.[5] The impact of nuclear contamination on an individual is generally estimated as the result of the dose of radiation received and the duration of exposure, using the linear no-threshold model (LNT). Sex, age, race, culture, occupation, class, location, and simultaneous exposure to additional environmental toxins are also significant, but often overlooked, factors that contribute to the health effects on a particular "downwind" community.

Years later, individuals are still being diagnosed with cancer and dying from being exposed to the nuclear toxins. Testing needs to commense in Holbrook, Arizona to determine if more then just those few years that the downwinders lawsuit covers can be expanded. Many people who grew up in Holbrook had relatives pass away due to cancer and we feel that this is strongly related to the Nuclear testing that's been conducted and overlooked for so many years.

We the people deserve the right for testing of the soil and air to commence. It is our right to know what all we have been exposed to. It is our right to be compensated for the loved ones who have been impacted due to the nuclear testing or to compensate those who may be at risk. We are asking for someone to step in and be willing to fight our battle. Too many loved ones have died or been diagnosed with life changing news for this to continue. We are fighting to get tests conducted and for answers.


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