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Jeff Danielson, Kim Anderson, Chad Dahm, Micki Robinson: Amend Iowa Administrative Code 110.5 (1)

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Iowa Administrative Code 110.5 (1) states:
Health and safety. Conditions in the home shall be safe, sanitary, and free of hazards.
a. The home shall have a non-pay, working telephone with emergency numbers posted for police, fire, ambulance, and the poison information center. A cell phone shall not be used as the primary phone. The number for each child’s parent, for a responsible person who can be reached when the parent cannot,
and for the child’s physician shall be readily accessible by the telephone.

We do not disagree with the code as it is written, however, registered home childcare providers were recently informed that the telephone line they are required to have for safety reasons has to come in to their home on a hard wired copper landline and cannot rely on a wireless signal from a tower. Apparently this has always been the rule but it has not been enforced and was unheard of by many of the people that regulate childcare homes which has caused confusion and problems.
Problems arise when childcare providers are unable to utilize a company that uses hard wired copper lines because of limited service areas or undependable service. These providers will be unable to register or they will have their current registration revoked. The result will be less registered childcare providers and less providers that will take Iowa Childcare Assistance payments. Providers can not use telephone services provided from Mediacom, Magic Jack and Vonage among many others. Chances are if you live in Iowa and do not use CenturyLink, AT & T or a small locally owned company for phone service this will effect you. Chances are that even if you do use one of the allowed providers they will be going from copper wire to fiber optic sometime in the future and you will be effected by this code eventually. This code needs to be amended to include these telephone service providers as options.

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