Understand what is American made on Amazon

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I must preface this change.org petition by stating that I do not have any bias from a product value standpoint against any country producing goods and/or services for the United States market. I also do not have any bias against people purchasing from other countries, or from companies that have international presence. My main goal is to "illuminate" what is coming from United States efforts, and to offer a choice where we purchase from. 

My hope that Amazon will provide, at the very least, a sort criteria that allows a customer to choose "US manufacturers". There is plenty of room for cheating, but my hope is that will not happen. We have to have hope right?

My underlying goal is primarily to get people to work in the US, and encourage investment in US companies, at least in a manner comparable to how we utilize other countries to produce our goods, not to exclude other countries, as my heart is for all people. 

There is also a secondary goal which is to indirectly bring awareness to the fact that we here in America are largely ignorant to how production in other countries has environmental effects far beyond (possibly) the financial.

Beyond this very basic petition, please research what is happening to water supplies and workforce conditions in other countries that do not have the same environmental and worker protections that we work toward here in the U.S.A.