Treat all new parents at Amazon equally

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My name is Ayan, I am a security officer at Amazon. I work for a subcontractor called Security Industry Specialists (SIS) in Seattle, Washington. People working at Amazon get at least 6 weeks and up to a total of 20 weeks of parental leave when they welcome a new baby to the world, but not if you’re a subcontractor. When I had my baby, I was back at work two weeks later.

I am asking Amazon to be a leader and take responsibility for the working conditions of all the people who contribute to Amazon's success, including their contracted workforce.  Will you join me in asking Amazon to make sure its subcontractors offer paid parental leave?

There’s no paid parental leave for people with my job description. After I gave birth, there was no money coming in and the bills kept coming.  I had issues paying for childcare, rent, and even food. I had to get back to work as soon as possible to make sure that I could take care of my responsibilities. I knew that my healing process must come second because I had to go back to work to support my child.

Everyone who works at Amazon deserves the same chance to bond with their new babies.

For me, the pressures were too much. I ended up deciding to leave my baby daughter with my mom in Somalia while I stay here working in the U.S.  It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make—to be separated from your child—especially when it’s first born. I miss her a lot.

Sign my petition to join me in asking Amazon to ensure that all the new parents under their roof are treated equally. Every baby deserves the time to bond with her parents.

Ayan is organizing with her co-workers to ask Amazon to adopt a Responsible Contracting Policy that ensures that they only hire contractors who provide a living wage with quality benefits, such as paid parental leave, and offer their workers a fair path to organize a union. Learn more about Ayan at the SEIU blog.