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Dear, Jeff Bezos

On the sellers Westlake Art, Storomia, Storopar, Storodet, Tommalillin, Starahou, Ambesonne,  and others have published a " Holy Quran Shower Curtain" , " Arabic Caligraphy Shower Curtain", and other similar products. These products have Quranic verses and Prophetic sayings printed on them and are disrespectful to Islam and the millions of Muslims using your site in many ways:

1. For a Muslim, the Quran is a Holy Book which should be respected and read in a pure/clean state and environment. Many Muslims take the utmost care in honoring this book, even refraining from touching it when unclean. To place something of this value and respect in an undoubtedly unclean environment is extremely discourteous to those who follow the religion and ignorant of the religion's values.

2. The Holy Quran is seen in Islam as a means of making a connection with God, the one deserving of the utmost respect. Hanging the Quran in a place such as the bathroom is undermining its immeasurable value to a Muslim. 

We recognize that you as a multinational company take care to ensure that sellers are catering well to your customers so we implore you to respect our religion and your many Muslim users by taking down this product and taking appropriate actions against the sellers. We also would like you to see to it that these types of products, no matter the religion or culture they are offending, are not sold on again.

Thank You,

The Concerned Muslims 



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