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Get Amazon to treat customers fairly

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Amazon has slipped down a dangerous slope, where fake one star reviews that clearly indicate the buyer didn't buy or use a product are allowed, while genuine reviews from paying customers are not only deleted, but their accounts shut down completely.

Consumers use ratings to help remind them of what products they love as well as express to their peers the things they have loved, liked, disliked, or hated. Yet Amazon has been shutting down these reviewers and refusing to give a reason why.

Not only that, Amazon is making accusations against these people, telling them they have done things they haven't done and refusing to discuss the situation further.

The consumer knows when they have not done the things they are accused of. And they are often shocked that the company they spend the most money with would not only try to silence their voice on opinions of products, but further make false accusations against them. It's hurtful, insulting, and inconvenient. It does not establish a relationship between Amazon and the consumer that Amazon values them; instead, it sends the message that, to Amazon, consumers are disposable. 

While many understand the need to keep the review system honest, clearly investigations by Amazon's review moderation team are not being handled appropriately. Perhaps the robots that handle these cron jobs simply have a poorly designed algorithm for detecting things, causing  good reviews to be deleted and dishonest reviews to still remain a problem.

However, Amazon says that if you feel this is a mistake, you can appeal the decision. To date, no one has been able to report a single time where the appeal led to reinstatement of their account. Are there no humans available at Amazon to genuinely investigate instances of wrongful user right terminations, or anyone available to give anything other than a canned response when the customer reaches out to them?

We understand that Amazon has the right to handle user accounts on their website with any discretion they want, but we ask that Amazon start to remember the customers who make their business what it is.

The heavy ban-hammer without a human touch has not only affected reviewer accounts, but seller accounts as well. At the very least, Amazon should be able to admit that they are no infallible, and that the possibility exists that they have, at some point over the hundreds of accounts they have banned or restricted rights on, possibly made a wrongful determination on some of those accounts.

Those signing wish to let Amazon know that they believe it's possible Amazon has made a mistake with their account or the account of others, and that they wish for Amazon to add some humanity into their process. 

Jeff, we are asking that you:

1) Properly staff your office so that those handling the appeals can truly investigate the situation.

2) Ensure that those in charge of appeals have a true talent for investigation and can see why the system triggered a false report on those consumers/sellers.

3) Be transparent and honest with your customers, instead of saying that you can't share why or how you came to your faulty decision.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope that, with enough signatures, you will show that you truly care about your customers and do not see them as disposable. 

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