Amazon please save Toy's R Us !

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I am petitioning Mr. Jeff Bezos to seriously consider saving the financially troubled Toy's R Us and buy them out. Please consider how online businesses have affected these stores and how millions of kids in America will suffer and no longer have that special place where their little fantasies would become reality, where their imagination would run amok, and a place where their little palpitating hearts filled with joy and hope while bonding with their parents and family will soon be vanished. Is this iconic american tradition dead now? Does society even care any more? This world needs a little more innocence, with everything going on around us, wouldn't you agree?. My dad dedicated his entire life to invent and design toys and if he were alive today I'm sure he would have initiated this petition himself. Mr. Bezos I believe you can make this happen! And probably while at the same time adding hundreds of Amazon pickup centers. Mr. Bezos be a Santa to millions of kids that soon will grow up to be your future customers, they need you now more than ever !

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