Amazon Prime Content Not Available For All Subscribers

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So I discovered recently, through endless posts on social media, that a new show was going to be coming to Amazon Prime. It's called Final Life: Even If You're Gone Tomorrow and stars someone I'm (and MANY others are) a fan of, Lee Taemin.

So as myself and these other fans scrambled to find out how to watch this new show I, very unhappily, discovered it would only air on Prime in Japan. Now, if this was a show that aired on TV Tokyo or Fuji Television or any other native Japanese network, I could completely understand other countries not having access to it. But that is not the case, it is on Prime. Prime members in America pay $99 a year for this service which while not an outrageous price is still significantly more than Japanese subscribers pay, approximately $35.

There is no reason under the sun why a show should be available in one place and not another when we're talking Prime. Amazon is worldwide and can air what they choose, where the choose, because it's Their content. I'm not entirely sure why they're airing this only in Japan but at the Very least it shows they don't know their markets in other places because if they did they'd be well aware just how many SHINee/Taemin fans there are across the world and Not just in Japan or S. Korea. 

To sum up, Amazon Executives, please #1, release Final Life: Even If You're Gone Tomorrow in the US & anywhere else Prime is available and #2 realize if you put people off this way you're bound to lose Prime subscribers. Nothing falls through the cracks these days, just because you air something in one place, if it's something that has fans beyond that place it Will spread like wildfire over the internet. There is No way you're not aware of that. PLEASE make this show (and any others really) available to everyone paying for Prime. 

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