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Amazon Please Stop Selling Antifa-Related Items

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Amazon is the world's largest online marketer. With over $136 Billion in sales in 2016, Amazon has the biggest brand value and the largest consumer market on the planet. The product selection is amazing and the prices aren't unreasonable, especially given the free shipping option.

So why does the company, who removed all Confederate symbols from its inventory in 2015, sell Antifa products? A simple search on Amazon yields 750 results, ranging from the Antifa Anti-Fascist Handbook to several tees with pro-Antifa motifs. There are also many pro-Antifa books available, including Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle. The tees range from FCK NZS to I Want You To Punch Nazis. These products promulgate hate and fund an organization dedicated to the violent overthrow of our country. Antifa has caused violence wherever they've shown up, including twice at Berkeley, where they assaulted a disabled veteran. They were part & parcel to the Charlottesville tragedy. Fascism is not a part of who we are as a country, and Antifa is no better than the KKK. Both ideologies must be soundly rejected. By removing their products from Amazon's inventory of offerings, we deny Antifa funding and reject their hateful message. Amazon removed Confederate items from its inventory in 2015 as a rejection of hate, and we ask that Antifa items are removed for the same reason. 

Thank you for your attention to our request. We look forward to your response.


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