Amazon​ FBA should allow sellers to opt-out of Returns being reshipped to new customers.

Amazon​ FBA should allow sellers to opt-out of Returns being reshipped to new customers.

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Amazon's third-party sellers are the heartbeat of Amazon providing 58% of products to customers. As is well known, Amazon holds sellers to an extreme level of excellence demanding near-perfect execution delivering NEW products in time with outstanding customer service. This is what makes Amazon so trusted. This should continue and it is why I love shopping on Amazon. It also forces sellers to always aim higher and do better.

There is one scenario however that is hurting Amazon, the sellers, and buyers that has been irking the FBA sellers' community for decades. If an item is shipped from FBA and the customer refuses or returns it, the item is placed back into sellable and resent back to the next buyer. 

What's wrong with Amazon resending NEW products to buyers? Some shady buyers, especially in the high-end sunglasses market, switch out a counterfeit pair with the real one and the next buyer gets a counterfeit or used pair (they tape back the seal to make it look unopen). The second buyer then complains the item was fake or used and the seller gets suspended because of Amazon's strict policy against selling counterfeit or non-pristine products.  

Additionally, quite often items are used but returned as NEW to get the full refund, and FBA staff will often not notice this and put the item back into “sellable” stock in new condition. Now the second buyer who receives a used item, complains the item is used. The result is an unhappy buyer, suspended seller and Amazon trust suffers.

This is one of millions of examples "The item, when purchased, stated it was “new” but the retail packaging was partially torn and open. The case appears it had been used/returned. Very disappointed."

I personally know 100s of sellers that were suspended for this exact reason. A poll I ran of Sellers stated that 100% of FBA sellers think this is a serious issue that is causing "Used as New" and inauthentic complaints that are undeserving. It is also hurting the buyers as their expectations are not met. Because Amazon has such strict account health metrics, a seller can easily be suspended for these complaints that are entirely not his/her doing or fault.

My solution: Amazon should provide an option for the seller to recall ALL returns regardless if FBA staff think the item is “sellable” or not. This will solve the issues for Amazon Sellers, Buyers, and Amazon brand trust is strengthened. The seller can choose not to opt-out and Amazon will reship items as they are currently doing.

This should be an easy fix for Amazon but this has not happened.

If this takes time to implement, effective immediately any item resent to a new customer should not affect negatively on the seller's account health.

This slight change will save 1000s of businesses from being destroyed needlessly. 

Please sign to encourage Amazon to make the needed change to help themselves, Sellers, and Buyers. It's simply the right thing to do. Businesses should not be destroyed because a buyer switched out an item and Amazon reshipped the buyer's fake or used item.

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