A Call to Amazon to Recycle their Boxes & Reduce Unecessary Packaging

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Dear Jeff Bezos & Amazon.com: 

As an active Prime member, AND as an Amazon seller, I feel that something needs to be done to help reduce packaging created not only by Amazon.com, but by the many 3rd party business owners who sell their products on Amazon.com. 

While cardboard is recyclable, only a portion of the cardboard generated by Amazon actually makes it to recycling bins.

Many states and counties in the US are not as proactive about recycling, which means the cardboard AND your plastic air packets end up in landfills. 

*****Some problems we're facing: ******
- For smaller items, packaging is MUCH larger than necessary and very wasteful, often 10 times bigger than the product itself
-Items are rarely combined as well or efficiently as they could be 

With companies like Starbucks and Disneyland working to phase out plastic straws this year, I feel that it's time for Amazon to jump on board with greener packaging options.

I've outined some possible solutions below. As our nation's #1 online retailer, I hope you'll work agressively towards reducing waste and increasing the amount of materials that can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. 

Thank you, 

Prime Customer & Amazon.com Seller


1. Amazon's own Box/packaging recycling program
Create drop off stations in cities allowing boxes to be dropped off for recycling/re-use

2. Partner with Non-Profit organizations that are able to re-use and repurpose boxes - whether it's shipping care packages to soldiers, or making cardboard housing materials in other countries

3. Allow customers to easily choose a more efficient packing option on Amazon's website, especially for non-breakable items.

4. Reach out to Third Party Amazon sellers/FBA merchants, encouraging them to reduce packaging of their products

5. Lower fulfillment fees for items with "green packaging" creating further incentives for sellers to "Go Green" 

6. Create a labeling system for Third party sellers to notify Amazon's warehouse when items may be removed from a box in order to be combined into a smaller package.  

7. Create a program such as "MyAmazonBag" or "MyAmazonBox" allowing frequently ordered items to be purchased in sturdier reusable box that allows the packing itself to be picked up by Amazon and re-used, much like your AmazonFresh program.

8. Create instructional videos for sellers explaining that less packaging for them means money saved in freight and shipping, resulting in a more profitable business. 

9. Create instructional videos for consumers explaining how to best break down boxes and how to reduce waste with their amazon orders

10. Create an organization strictly dedicated to the repurposing of your packaging, allowing customers to contribute boxes from other online retailers