Creation of a parish-wide animal control unit in Livingston Parish.

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Unlike most parishes, Livingston does not currently have an animal control unit to assist in the protection of animals through enforcement and education. Animal Control helps all kinds of animals in all kinds of trouble – those who are lost, sick, injured, starved, and misused. They also protect the public from potentially dangerous animals roaming loose. 

The constituents that make up this great parish deserve to have their safety and wellbeing, as well as that of their children and pets, safeguarded.

An example of what is currently wrong with the way things are now: Two 3-year-olds are playing in their front yard under the supervision of a parent when a loose, unknown dog with no collar rushes into the yard, snarling at the children and behaving aggressively. The parent rushes to save the children from attack and bring them indoors. When they are safe, he calls the Livingston Parish Sheriff's office who dispatches an officer to the home. The officer regretfully informs the concerned parent that there isn't anything he can do until a child (or another person) is actually bitten. He says that all he can do issue a citation to the owner for allowing the dog to roam - assuming that he can somehow locate the owner. Meanwhile, the dog is making its way through the neighborhood, closing in on where your own children are playing outside...

We, the undersigned, call upon Councilman Jeff Averett of District 6, Livingston Parish, to introduce a parish ordinance creating and funding a parish-wide animal control unit.